Dowry system in Nepal-2022


                      DOWRY SYSTEM IN NEPAL

Dowry simply refers to the system of giving movable or immovable property to the daughters in marriage. Though it is an Indian tradition, it has influenced our society badly these days. It has proved to be an evil practice because it has caused gender inequality in our society.

These days no part of the country is found to be unaffected with this tradition at present. People give money, furniture, jewelries, land, and plants and so on as dowry. The forms of dowry are determined by the availability of goods and status of people. The rich people give expensive jewelers, land or vehicles as dowry to their daughters. The poor people cannot afford them. However, they tend to imitate others.

This evil practice has made people to seek the daughter of rich parents. They do not value knowledge, attitude and behaviour of the girl because they have been the slave of property. We often hear the bridegrooms denying marriage in the case that they are not provided with the decided dowry. All people are not equally able to afford this economic burden. Poor people are badly victimized by this tradition. We see many people being homeless and landless because the borrow money from debtors to give their daughters in marriage. Many married women are living in troubles and hardships because of the lack of prosperous dowry from partners. They are tortured and burnt alive. Some even commit suicide and many parents become beggar. Thus, it is obviously a cruel custom that destroys one's entire life causing disasters in conjugal life.

In fact, marriage is an occasion to decide the lifelong companion to make the conjugal life happy and prosperous with the sense of sharing and co-operation. This harmful tradition commercializes marriage contract. It is not good to our social life in any case.

This is rotten, harmful, old and useless traditions prevailing in our society. This system is a social evil that harms our good social tradition. It must be abolished and up-rooted from the society as soon as possible. Mass awareness is only the perfect remedy of this evil. All the educated girls and boys should resolve to discourage and abolish this custom. So, there is no doubt that it is a curse to our society. It spoils the life of many girls and women as well as their parents in our society. It is the urgent need of the country to take immediate steps to abolish this tradition.

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