Essay on democracy in Nepal in 250 words.


                                     DEMOCRACY IN NEPAL

Democracy is a form of government in which people are governed by their own elected representatives. It is a government of the people for the people and by the people. In this system of government, the people are free to elect a government of their own choice. Nepalese people struggled a lot for a long time to get democracy established in the country. Now we are the people of a loktantrik country.

Rana rule was a family autocracy. It existed in Nepal for 104 years. It did not give place to people’s will and aspiration. So people fought against ranas for rights and freedom. Nepal got democracy in 2007 B.S. we celebrate falgun as democracy day every year. People could not strengthen the democracy they got in 2007. So they again had to fight for it in 2046 and 2062/ 063. The last movement succeeded to bring a remarkable change in the country. We had kingship for nearly 240 years in our history. This movement made it a republic state. Now we have been the citizen of a federal secular state.


However, we have to do a lot to make the democracy stronger. First and foremost need is political stability through elected government. Our constituent assembly should formulate new constitution addressing the will and aspiration of all people representing all cast and creed. Only then everyone can get equal opportunity for their personality development.

Loktantra is the spirit of the people’s movement. It grants citizens various kind of freedom such as freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom of movement, freedom to form association, etc. It ensures equality. Loktantra is based on public opinion. The government in a democratic country like Nepal is expected to work according to people’s will and aspiration. No disparity is made on the plea of race, caste, religion and sex. Democracy encourages patriotism and nationality.

Despite these good aspects, it is said to have some demerits. Some people say that is based on hollow idealism. The majority suppresses the minority. Rich persons win elections only. Above all, there are partisan evils and lowers are misused.

In spite of the aforementioned weakness, democracy is the best government. No other forms of government can take its place. It is our duty to make our loktantra strong and provide ensure the rights and freedom of the people.


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