Essay on 'Tourism in Nepal' in 250 words

                                     TOURISM IN NEPAL

We want to visit different places when we are free. The journey that we make to a particular place for recreation and learning is known as tourism. Tourism industry is developing in Nepal. We can develop our country if we focus on the development of this industry.

Everyone likes to enjoy watching beautiful places. Nepal is famous for high mountains, fast flowing rivers, green forests, big lakes and old temples. They attract the visitors to Nepal. We can see many foreigners visiting old historical buildings, temples, mountains, national parks and so on. They are the source of income to the people and the nation as well.

Nepal, a small mountainous country is blessed with natural beauties. It is also rich in unique cultural heritage. High Himalayas, historical and religious places of Nepal are worth visiting. It is a suitable destination for nature lovers. The visitors can enjoy here observing our art, architecture, natural beauty and our social life and culture. Rafting, trekking, mountaineering etc. are other adventurous activities that the visitors can do here.

Tourism can have a great role to develop our country. This industry creates various work opportunities that help to lessen the increasing unemployment problem of the country. It is the chief source of earning foreign currency.

Although, tourism industry plays major and significant role in all round promotion of the country, it has some disadvantages too. All the tourists do not visit with good aim and interest. They may involve in smuggling and indulge the youngsters in various bad habits as well. They may cause the spread of some of the communicable diseases. They carry foods and drinks along with plastic bags and bottles with them during their journey that cause environment degradation.

Tourism industry in Nepal is facing lots of problems. Mostly, beautiful spots are located in far flung areas. They are not accessible with the fundamental needs of the tourists like transportation and communication. Good hotels with high accommodation and fine food service are not established in rural areas. Similarly, poor security condition has also reduced the number of tourists.

Obviously, tourism industry helps to promote economic growth of the country. We have to endeavor a lot for its promotion. Thus, the government and all the sectors concerned need to pay special attention for its proper development and promotion.

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