general knowledge quiz questions




  • Ø What is the name of the American professional who came to global attention by leaking classified information from the national security Agency(NSA) of USA?              -Edward Snowden
  • Ø Which country has the largest number of internet users in the world?                  -China
  • Ø Name the first country in the world to eliminate the transmission of HIV and Syphilis from mother to child?                    -Cuba
  • Ø Who is the inventor of SMS, the text message?                          -Finnish engineer Matti Makkonen
  • Ø What does CRBT in telecommunications stand for?                  -Caller Ring Back Tone
  • Ø Who is the founder of the famous social networking site Facebook?                  -Mark Zuckerberg
  • Ø Who discovered the neurons?               -Chadwick
  • Ø Hashimoto’s disease is the malfunctioning of which gland?                        -Thyroid
  • Ø With which organ does a snake hear?                               -Tongue
  • Ø Which company is the first mobile inventor in the world?                         -Motorala (In 1973 BS)
  • Ø Which disease was once known as white plague?                            -Tuberculosis
  • Ø In the body where would you find your villus?                                       -Small Intestine
  • Ø Who invented bicycle?                                               -K.P. Macmillan
  • Ø What is the speed of sound?                        -380m/s
  • Ø Who was inventor of calculator?                                -Shickhard
  • Ø What name is given to a space that contains no air or other gases?                         -Vaccum
  • Ø What is the everyday name of the solid carbon dioxide?                                    -Dry ice
  • Ø The Salk vaccine is used against what disease?                    -Polio
  • Ø What body part of the body gets bigger as the day progresses?                                -Feet 5 to 10%
  • Ø Who designed the first practicable steam-engine?                                            -James Watt
  • Ø Who invented the safety lamps?                                                           -Sir Humphry Davy
  • Ø The temperature at which the water takes its maximum density is?                              -40C
  • Ø Who was the inventor of X-rays?                            -Raungen
  • Ø Which scientist is known as the father of electricity?                                                -Michael Faraday
  • Ø Which instrument is used to measure humidity?                                      -Hydrometer
  • Ø How many natural number are present in 109 elements?                       -92
  • Ø Who invented wireless waves or long radio waves?                                 -Marcony in 1896
  • Ø Who invented the ultra violet waves?                                              -Ritter
  • Ø Who invented the visible radiation?                                        -Newton
  • Ø Which colour has the highest wavelength?                                   -Violet
  • Ø Which colour has the lowest wavelength?                                    -Red
  • Ø What is the heaviest metal that remain liquid?                                                       -Mercury
  • Ø Which scientist discovered the value of pi (22/7)?                                           -Archimedes
  • Ø Which organ of the body is infected by hepatitis B?                                      -Liver
  • Ø What are the fat soluble vitamins?                                             -Vitamin A, D, E and K
  • Ø What are the water soluble vitamins?                                       -Vitamin B and C
  • Ø Who discovered the process of blood circulation in a human body?                        -William Harvey
  • Ø What disease is caused by the deficiency of iodine?                           -Goitre
  • Ø Where is Einstein’s brain safely kept?                              -Princeton hospital, USA
  • Ø Which scientist invented “atomic theory “?                                -John Dalton
  • Ø What is the full form of DPT?                                                          -Diptheria Pertusis Tetanus
  • Ø Which vitamin deficiency causes scurvy?                                      -Vitamin C
  • Ø Who invented the diesel engine?                                                    -Rudolf Engine
  • Ø What does Email mean?                                                                         -Electronic Correspondence
  • Ø When did email begin?                                                                         -1976 AD (USA)

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