Essay on Forest in Nepal-2022


                                    FOREST IN NEPAL

Nepal is naturally beautiful. It is rich in green wonders. There are green lushes in every part of the country. But the type of forest differs as per the climatic condition and altitude of the place. Those forests are of great advantage in many ways.

Green forests are the greatest wealth of Nepal. These forests provides us with timber, medicinal herbs, fodder to animals, and firewood. Moreover, they make the place beautiful supported by many wild animals. Many national parks and wild life reserves have been set up to conserve these animals that have attracted to thousands of visitors every year. Similarly, they are very useful to maintain environmental balance. They minimize the risk of weather extremes save us from flood, landslide and drought.

Our forest can be classified into evergreen, deciduous and coniferous. Evergreen forest is in Terai region where temperature is high and rainfall is abundant. Deciduous forest is in hills whereas coniferous forest is in Himalayan region.

In the past large part of our area was covered with forest resource. It is the matter of regret that the forest area is diminishing day by day. It is because of illegal smuggling of timbers and rapid growth of population. Forest fires also destroy large part of our forest in hot dry season.

Conservation of forests is necessary. If the forests are destroyed, there will be a great problem of ecological balance. The forest and the wildlife are bound up with each

other. In fact, man is also bound up with them. If anyone of them is disturbed, the others will be doomed. Deforestation leads to soil erosion, loss of the fertility of soil, desertification and flood. So forests must be conserved.

Forests of Nepal are very important but they are declining. As it is essential to protect forests, strict law should be made and brought into force. All people should feel themselves responsible in this regard and support the government to conserve forest resources.

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