Essay on child rights in nepal


                            CHILD RIGHTS IN NEPAL

Child rights simply refers to the right to children. They are essential for their all round development. Today’s children are the tomorrows nation builders. They should be made able to shoulder the nation in future. Realizing this fact our country has introduced some rights as child rights.

Our present constitution has introduced child rights as fundamental rights. It means it cannot be violated at any sense. Some important child rights are right to love and affection, right to name and nationality, right to education, right to recreation and sports and so on. Nepal aims to ensure these rights to every child here.

Moreover, childhood is the tender age. Their mind can be compare with clay. We can shape it. They learn everything form the environment around them. So they should be kept free form exploitation and torture. If they are ill treated in the society, the anti-social feeling may grow in them. As the result, there won’t be unity in the future. Hence, it is also believed to be a child right.

The effort of the government alone may not be enough to promote the condition of child rights. There are some NGO’s in Nepal and the world working for the children. Some of the worth mentioning among them in our country are CWIN, SON, UNDP, UNICEF, STC etc. they are also working in Nepal to work in favour of our children.

Even though, we have strict provision in this regard, we see the children involving in various types of work such as collecting plastics, bottles, pans, pots and used cans, instead of going to school. Undoubtedly these types of work are against child rights. The children are engaged in service as servant in rich man’s house, factories, garment, and other industries. It is against child rights. These activities hinder the overall development of our children.

Thus, the government and the people should work effectively so that our children will be free from these inhuman treatment. This is only the way to promote child rights condition in the country.

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