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Most of the questions and answer to those questions seem to come out of nowhere. Why does it happen? Most of us might have wondered what people do to themselves that every time someone opens a newspaper, surf the internet see, or hear the news the world is always pondered with new kind of invention. Let's just put it simply with simple examples. In your day-to-day life, you see people trying to figure out something or you are too busy in finding the solution to your problems.

When do you actually get the flashes of insights? And feel like "aha" I got it. All of us are different and we all are born with our own kind of beauties. The Structure of our brain differs accordingly. The way we perceive things might not be exactly the same. Just imagine if we all were the same then how boring this life 
would be. No creative thoughts would ever emerge, right? Some people are more dominant by their left brains where they use logic; facts and rationalism to see things, while some people are right-brained who use creativity intuition, and feelings to understand what they want to understand.

In biological terms, each side of our brains consists of a brain lobe and is named Superior Temporal Gyrus. This is the spot where creativity hits in and is named as the creative spot where you start observing something you feel is out of your will then flashes of insights start taking its form. Our right hemisphere of the brain has a wide dendroid capable of consuming a variety of information compared to the left hemisphere.

When these flashes of insights occur, the left side of the brain becomes less active allowing novel connections between concepts to take place or in other words enabling magic to happen. From this explanation, it is obvious for us to understand that turning on the right side of the brain has the capacity to give birth to what we say is creativity. Knowingly or unknowingly we all have experienced the internal power at a certain point of time.

It is quite clear that the best ideas or flashes of insights occur only when we settle back and let our minds wander. Have you ever noticed yourself working really hard on getting the answers for a certain question and all of a sudden when you decide to divert your mind somewhere else taking a break, you get a kick and the solution pops up. Normally while you are on a walk, listening to ,music, showering, driving or doing something which gives you peace of mind then there is higher possibility of getting drastic ideas.

What actually happens?

According to the Professor and neuropsychologist Rex Jung "ideas and creative thinking is closely linked with the part of our brain called frontal lobes". The frontal lobes are the part of the brain used for new problem-solving, synthesis of new and abstract ideas, concepts of time, and planning.

Frontal lobes actually act as a gateway between our conscious and unconscious mind in our day-to-day lives which lessens the brain's capability to come up with creative solutions. Frontal lobes are connected with the "brain switch wall" just like the light switch on your wall known as the amygdala: two almond-shaped groups of nuclei located deep and medially within the temporal lobes of the brain in complex vertebrates, including humans. It is situated on both the sides.

When a person does something that makes them happy or gives them a sense of pleasure, the amygdala shifts forward and this turns on our frontal lobes. When our frontal lobes get tickled then it automatically goes into the temporary sleep mode allowing creativity to flow inside with much ease. Now the bright ideas will start taking its shape since the gateway between the conscious and unconscious mind (frontal lobes) vanishes for a while. As the amygdala shifts backward, the opposite situation occurs.

Some people are hyper frontal, it is naturally lesser active on them. In these people, the frontal lobes are not much operative and the amygdala moves forward quite often. Thus, it indicates the more our frontal lobes go in to sleep mode or relaxation mode, the more insights or ideas, or creativity emerges. These are the biological demonstration of the hustle and bustle that happens inside our brain which actually impels the subconscious mind to get stronger.

Are all intelligent people creative?

Are all the creative people intelligent? We exactly cannot say yes or no, there is only partial truth in it. What does thinking outside of the box mean? There are numerous studies have been taken over the decades but to come to one particular conclusion is still not so easy job.

In general, while speaking people tend to have their own definition of intelligence and creativity. Intelligence does not make one a creative person but does give the assurance or help to be a person a creative person. Intelligence could be defined in many different ways such as the capacity to learn to understand, and grasp the task, reasoning, logical thinking, having good general knowledge, and so on. Whereas, creativity is the process of coming up with new ideas or concepts out of the acquired information via different life circumstances which are stored unknowingly or knowingly inside our brain.

for example: You are trying to reach from point 1 to point 2. You chose one efficient and straight pathway. Now this is intelligence. You work with formulas, rely on facts and figures, and think of being confined within certain boundaries.

Instead of focusing on one straight pathway, now you saw the various possibilities. You saw different directions to reach that point. Your ideas are flowing inside and are coming to your awareness. Now, this is creativity. You think beyond logic, formulas and, facts. There is no end to it. To test the intelligence different instruments are devised like an IQ test. But there are fewer instruments to test creativity because it is quite difficult to measure. Even though intelligence and creativity are considered to be two different processes but much research has shown a positive correlation between these two. Some studies have found that the intelligent people have the capacity to store a larger part of the information in the brain. When a person is trying too hard to emerge with solutions inside the chaotic mind, the information being stored fails to bring a novel connection. But when the person relaxes then all the essential information gives a birth to unique solutions to that problem. Thus, creativity comes into existence.

We know our brain is divided into two substantial hemispheres. Both facet of the brain inevitably has their own importance. The left side of the brain has a quantitative ability to measure stuff which gives the tendency of building one's rational way of looking at the matter, Whereas, tapping into the right brain has a lot to do with triggering the subconscious zone which leads in encouraging people to be more creative.

Many studies, debates, and conflicts have taken place to describe the right and left brain. Simply put, the left brain might not think like the right brain but they both do help each other in generating one fruitful result. There are times when quantitative information is so much helpful in propagating qualitative outcomes. But most of the studies have supported the fact that the birth of creativity happens from the right side of the brain. Here are fewer points being included to open the door of one's right brain and see the world with an innovative perspective.

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